i'll take a piece of mark tuan

haley imnida

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Luhan’s ocean on his birthday in Nanjing. 


what even is the theme of exo anymore because so far I have 

alien werewolf schoolboys with super powers that get real sad around Christmas 

A smile is a curve that sets everything straight.

kai exo 


[swan dives into a pool of self loathing and disgust] im in love w kim himchan


  • before being a SHINee fan: so this guy jong... *googles his name* jong huyn *googles it again to be sure* jong hyun *googles a third time, open wikipedia page and copy name* Jong-hyun *erases hyphen and uses lower case* jonghyun is cute
  • now: *closes eyes* jonghyun *types with elbow* jonghyun *with tongue* jonghyun *with pelvis* jonghyun *with jonghyun's face* jonghyun